Who Plays Golf? Can Anyone Start to Play Golf?

Golf is a game for both professionals and beginners. Anyone, at any age, can begin to play golf. Some of the greatest golfers began practicing when they were only 2 or 3 years old, while others didn't start getting serious about golf until they were in their teens. Some professionals realized they were good at golf when they tried it in high school or went with their dads for a round of golf. Some people enjoy golf because it's a leisure sport that allows you to socialize and enjoy a sport at the same time. Since golfers like the game for different reasons, anyone can begin to play golf no matter the experience level with the game.

Children and Beginners

Golf ChildMany children experience their first game of golf by playing mini-golf. This popular game involves whimsical putting holes and allows players to use colored balls to try and get a hole in one. Some kids gain an interest in the sport through mini-golf, while others are introduced by parents or grandparents who enjoy the game. As long as a child is big enough to hold a club, swing, and attempt to hit the ball, they can begin practicing golf.

Golf courses often offer classes for beginners and children, and this is where every novice starts. You will learn the rules of golf, the basics of the equipment, how to hold a club, how to focus and aim the ball, which type of clubs are best for certain swings or terrains, and how to keep score and calculate handicaps. Classes are often taught in groups, but many golf pro shops offer private classes for a higher fee.

Senior Players

Some people play golf their entire lives, and it's usually the older players who school the beginners on proper techniques and the basics of the game. Courses often offer discounts or special senior golfing days to encourage seniors to play at their course. Many older players belong to a private club where they know the staff and get to know the other golfers from the area.

This is a great game for an older person because it isn't strenuous and provides a certain amount of exercise while having fun. Older folks who are under doctors orders to exercise often joke that they only golf because their doctor ordered it. This is because many courses still allow you to walk the 18 holes if you want, or a caddy can drive a cart behind you for when you need a lift, allowing you to get in quite a bit of walking exercise.

Women Golfers

Historically, women watched the men play golf. Now, there are tons of female professional golfers who compete for titles and cash. Golfing brands manufacture clothing, equipment, and accessories aimed solely at women. It's not uncommon for golf courses to now offer couples competitions where men and women compete against another couple. Because golf doesn't require a lot of strength, it's an ideal game for anyone of any age to play. As with any sport, it does require practice to become good at it, but the rewards often outweigh the burden of having to practice for hours.