The Big Leagues: The Biggest Golf Tournaments of the Year

Most people are actually well aware of what the biggest golf tournaments of year are, they are the four majors that occur on the PGA tour. These events attract all of the big name golfers and winning one is usually consider to be the high point of a golfers career.

The first of the Majors to occur every year is the Masters which is held every April in Georgia. Unlike all of the other major tournaments this one stays in the same place every year. This is nice for spectators as it allows them to find their favorite spots to watch the event from. The Masters is one of the oldest golf tournaments in the United States and it has a number of unique traditions, the most well known of these is the green jacket that is given to the winner.

The next major tournament in the golf calender is the British Open which takes place every July. It moves around between a few courses in Britain. This is the oldest of all of the major golf tournaments and it is the one that has the most tradition as Britain the birth place of golf. Because British golf courses tend to be somewhat different than American courses the event is often unpredictable as many of the big names struggle. The weather tends to influence the results more than for any of the other majors as well.

In August the US Open is the next major event to take place. This one moves around the country and is usually held at the top golf courses in the country. This is probably the easiest event for spectators to attend because it does move around so much, there is a pretty good chance that it will come to your area. If you do want to attend however you are going to want to make sure that you get your tickets early as the event always sells out fast. You can get them anywhere that you buy PGA Golf Tickets, online is usually the easiest.

The last of the major golf tournaments every year is the PGA Championship. Despite its name this event does not determine the champion of the PGA tour, that is done over the course of the season. The PGA is one of the more unique events in that who can enter the tournament is much more restricted than for the other majors. The smaller field means that only the top players are there, it also means that the event tends to move faster which is good for spectators. The PGA Championship moves around the country but it does tend to stay in the southern states as the weather is starting to turn cool in the northern part of the country by that time of the year.