Equipment You Need to Start Playing Golf

Golf is a sport that requires a few pieces of equipment before you can begin to play. Many golf courses offer this equipment for rent, but if you're serious about golfing on a regular basis you'll want to invest in your own golfing equipment. If you've never played golf before, it's best to look at different clubs and balls before deciding on which set you want to purchase. You can also ask friends who play if they wouldn't mind letting you see and hold their equipment so you get a good idea of what's available.

Golf Balls and Ball Equipment

Golf EquipmentGolf balls are considered to be of a two, three, or four piece design, which is referring to the number of layers used to construct the ball. Heavier, harder balls tend to travel farther while softer balls allow for more spin. The four layer design is the most expensive, but that doesn't mean it's necessarily the best design for your golf game. When you first start out, try using all three styles to see which ball suits your needs.

The other noticeable factor of a golf ball is its dimples. With up to 450 dimples, a golf ball depends upon these indentations in order to sail smoothly through the air. The more indentations on a golf ball, the better the aerodynamics of the ball. You will also need a ball marker when playing golf. These are sold in pro shops, but some golfers prefer to use a coin or other simple marking device. If you need to pick up your ball for any reason, you will need to mark its place so that you can replace it on the correct section.

Golf Clubs and Tees

You can have up to 14 golf clubs on the green with you. The three main types of clubs include the woods, irons, and putters. The woods are used for long shots when shooting from the tee. Irons allow for more precision and are often used on the fairway. A putter is a club that doesn't allow the ball to loft into the air too much, making it the ideal club for putting the ball when close to the hole.

Tees are used to place a ball on when taking the first swing. Plastic or wood, this piece of equipment is essential for getting a good swing in on the first try. Shaped like nails, they are placed into the ground and the ball gently balances on the cup part on the top of the tee. You will need a surplus of these, since they often break or sink into the ground.

Golf Bags and Apparel

You will need a bag to carry all of your equipment. Bags have lots of compartments and a strap for easy carrying. I suggest not just carrying a golf bag but also investing in a side-bag from a decent, trustworthy label like Hedgren or Kipling, something you can use to carry your non-golf items in close to your body. You may also want to invest in golf shoes, which have short spikes on the bottom to make walking on the green easier. As you learn more about the game of golf, you'll find out which pieces of equipment you need and which are just optional for your game.