Can You Learn How to Golf? Do You Need Lessons?

Anyone can learn how to golf, but the skills needed to play golf correctly and improve your game are acquired over time. Most people need lessons to learn how to hold a golf club correctly, how to aim and hit the ball, and to understand the basic rules of the game. You'll also need help learning about the right golfing equipment and how to choose the best clubs for your game. While anyone can play golf, you will need lessons and practice before you become a skilled golfer.

Learn What Types of Shots You Need to Make

Golf LessonOne of the most important aspects of golf training is learning about the different types of shots you need to make on the course. For example, you will need to learn when you need to pitch or chip a shot. A pitch shot takes a bit of air and stops quickly, while a chip rolls on the ground. By practicing with a professional, you will learn how to spot whether you need a chip or pitch. You will also need practice learning how to get out of a hazard, specifically the sand bunker. When stuck in the sand, golfers actually hit a clump of sand behind the ball rather than the ball itself. An instructor can teach you how to choose the right club and how to hit the ball out of the bunker.

Learning How to Stand

The proper hitting stance is very important in the game of golf. Much like a baseball player standing correctly in order to hit the ball hard and far, a golfer must take a similar stance. Beginners often stand incorrectly and don't follow through enough on their golf swing. How you position your legs, hips, and upper body all effect how well you hit the golf ball. A golf instructor will not only teach you how to stand properly, but they will be able to physically show you how your body should move during a swing. Everything from your arms to your feet must move on a golf swing, and many beginners are very stiff or not sure how to follow through. Only lessons and practice can help you perfect that skill.

Golf Etiquette

Another reason for lessons is so that you can learn golf etiquette as you learn how to play the game. Once you start playing on golf courses, you will need to know not only the rules but the general etiquette you should show towards other golfers and the management of the course. In general you should stay with your group, move ahead if you're lagging behind, even if you have to pick the ball up with your hands before you're shot is over, and make sure that you take extra care to keep the course clean and maintained as you play.

You don't need to invest a lot of money to learn how to play golf, but a few lessons are imperative. Once you feel comfortable holding a golf club, you can take your game to a course.